Peter Schiff: Happy Medium?

Before we deride anyone attempting to defend or promote Peter Schiff as a “Paulite” (yes, I have considered the history of this website), let’s take a look at a few of the facts.

1. Far from a non-interventionist when it comes to foreign policy, Schiff has on numerous occasion (angering many a Ron Paul supporter) voiced his support for first strike against Iran based on actionable intelligence, and general support for the war on terror. Let’s call him a Paul-leaning pragmatist: he identifies international military spending as part of a general spending problem, and favors a more ‘bomb ’em and get it over with’ approach to places like Afghanistan or (as mentioned) Iran.

2. Economics. If you listen to him speak about the subject, he doesn’t sound like an ideologue. The eternal enemies of economic growth and stability, to Schiff, are indeed government spending and government regulation and just about anything else government tries to do to meddle, but he identifies specific problems (high tuition, high unemployment, illegal immigration) and offers reasoned solutions based on historical facts and details (government education loans, federal minimum wage, etc.)

3. Spending, spending, spending. He identifies the stimulus as a complete joke, like many of us would. Further, he continues to point out that government can’t create jobs. It can “hire” people and pay them from a centralized, bureaucratic pool, but apart from military spending (a proper function of the federal government) this job ‘creation’ is a sham: it has to destroy jobs in the free market in order to pay for (fewer) jobs in the ‘public’ sphere.

4. Credibility. He doesn’t mince words. He’s a successful businessman. He’s Jewish (so much for the ‘Ron Paul hates Jewish bankers’ argument–Schiff was his economic adviser at a time). He understands the market, what works, what doesn’t. He has genuine fidelity to the Constitution.

His new-ish campaign slogan, send him to Washington and it will never be the same, is catchy and exciting.

Before you write off another member of the Ron Paul crowd because you don’t like Ron’s foreign policy, give candidates like Rand Paul and Peter Schiff a chance–they’re not what you think, and compared to their opponents will really shake things up in a positive way.

Check out his Youtube channel to hear it straight.

Oh, and he did predict the economic collapse, often getting derided, ignored, and mocked. To boot.

So when all is said and done, I’m not sure why he’s not the perfect candidate in 2010’s political climate. What do you all think?