No Repeal Never Ever. Sorry.

Top Republicans–trust me on this–have zero intention of making a serious effort toward repealing this legislation. We could regain the Senate, House, and Presidency in 2013 or 2017 and still, the best we’d get is some nitpicking, if that. In all likeliness, the best we can hope for now are some of the amendments like “no Viagra for sex offenders” or “no tax on band-aids.” Too many Republicans have shown all along that they don’t really oppose the legislation, per se; they perceive it as something politically beneficial to oppose and attack on a few minor points.

Sure, they’ll say “Government Takeover!” but consider there to be a ‘national consensus’ on things like “extending insurance to 30 million + Americans” through force and/or subsidy. They’ll scream “Madoff Accounting!” but believe that “insurance” despite pre-existing conditions is economically solvent. They’ll say “It cuts Medicare! Trillions in new entitlement spending!” but, they’ll never touch the trillions in entitlement spending that is Medicare…

…and they’ll never touch this one. Like the Politico article says, once there are millions of beneficiaries it’s going to be nearly impossible to reverse it. Do you really think people receiving free insurance for years (or life) care about the national debt? Honestly, think about it.

And consider the correlation with one of the next big-agenda items: illegal immigration. Er, that is, the legalization of what we now know as illegal immigration. Tens of millions more entitlement beneficiaries; tens of millions more entitlement voters. Not to mention their “race” which will just about make certain distinguished Republican “representatives” down anything. [Read more @ 20/10 Blog]