Rush: We Need to Defeat These Ba***rds

I’m sure you all have seen this already…

…but it’s worth reiterating: “…and by repeal, I mean use every single legislative and bureaucratic tactic we can muster to obstruct, derail, and defeat them.”

We must embrace “obstructionism” with pride, and effectively articulate its merits. No more bipartisanship for simply its sake; no more empty threats.

We’re seeing it already in just the few days since the “health care” bill passed: we’ve gone from blocking the bill; to challenging the methods of its passage; to repeal; to no repeal; to maybe perhaps not funding it…and what’s next? I’m guessing it will be the same as with every other piece of social democratic legislation that’s passed over the last 80 years or so, where we were promised obstruction -> parliamentary objection -> repeal -> withholding of funding…only to end up with eventual acceptance, finding our country now on the brink of ruins.

Our Republican purity test for 2010 must be absolute intention to repeal, obstruct, block, banter, filibuster, and generally prevent the Obama administration from enacting anything. You could ‘compromise’ and remove 90% of the content of Obama’s “health care” plan and it would still be abhorrent.