From Pelosi, With No Love

An unusual fundraising email Wednesday greeted the inboxes of supporters of the National Republican Congressional Campaign. In an email “from” Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, “naive” Republicans were instructed to stop fretting over rising unemployment figures because “Democrats are in control now.”

“We are creating a dependence on the government and we are succeeding,” the email, dripping with an rare degree of sarcasm for beltway correspondence, read. “[J]ust look at how great things are one year after Democrats passed the ultra-successful stimulus bill.”

The email, which was also posted to the Committee’s web site, has not yet elicited responses from Speaker Pelosi’s office or their Democratic campaign counterpart, according to an NRCC official.

“Democrats continue to save this country through tax hikes and government bailouts. It worked during the Carter Administration and it is working better than ever now,” the email read, signaling the opening salvo of a narrative–that President Barack Obama is on the precipice of becoming Jimmy Carter–that will likely haunt Democrats in the midterm elections later this year.

While the open rate will no doubt be buoyed by flummoxed Republicans wondering why Pelosi is plaguing their inbox, the snarky fundraising plea is bound to be a hit with conservative activists, thanks in large part to successive shots at Democratic-engineered government largess.

Via Alex Koppelman, a screenshot of the entire email:

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