Cohen Divorce Records Allege Abuse, Steroid Addiction

Court documents relating to the 2005 divorce of embattled Illinois Democratic Lieutenant Governor nominee Scott Lee Cohen surfaced Thursday, alleging the Chicago business man was prone to regular fits of rage–likely side-effects of his abuse of anabolic steroids–and forced himself sexually on his ex-wife.

While still married, which the woman characterized as “pretty unbearable,” Cohen took “injectable anabolic steroids, including but not limited to Winstrol, Cretine, and Steen. And as a result, he has an erratic, explosive temper,” his ex-wife testified.

Cohen, who was ordered by Cook County Circuit to undergo steroid testing, is no stranger to episodes of violence against family members, including his son, ex-wife and girlfriend.

After coming homing at 2 A.M. and unable to find his keys, Cohen woke his family by kicking in the garage door, at which point he “began swearing and cussing and an altercation began to ensue between Scott and our son,” the woman alleged. “During this altercation the other kids were upstairs hysterically crying.”

According to the couple’s divorce papers, Cohen, after admitting to numerous extramarital affairs, tried in vain to have sex with his former wife. But “despite my refusals, he tried to force himself on me until I pushed him away and emphatically told him no,” she alleged, noting that she had asked family members to stay with her for several weeks because she was “afraid to be home alone with him.”

Living “in constant fear of him,” she was awarded by the courts a temporary order of protection against her former husband.

The release of Cohen’s divorce records is only the latest piece of bad news for his campaign, which late Wednesday weathered accusations the candidate once held his prostitute girlfriend by knife-point after throwing her into a wall.

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, who is slated as Cohen’s running mate, asked Thursday that Cohen reconsider running and “step aside.”

Cohen summarily dismissed Quinn’s request, saying he has “no intention of stepping down or stepping aside,” suggesting further intra-party disputes as the Illinois Democratic Party grapples with the optics of a Cohen candidacy in the wake of scandal-plagued Rod Blagojevich.

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