Specter to Bachmann: "Act like a lady"

A joint radio appearance with Representative Michele Bachman and Senator Arlen Specter turned ugly yesterday when the Pennsylvania Republican-turned-Democrat became irate and demanded of Bachmann that she “act like a lady.”

The pair were invited by Philadelphia-based conservative talker Dom Giordano for a special program marking the one-year anniversary of President Obama’s inauguration.

Asked by Senator Specter to reflect on the fiscal policies she supported over the course of the previous year, Bachmann said the recipe for economic prosperity would involve cutting the income tax rate to 22 percent and eliminating capital gains taxes and the estate tax. But before she could go any further, Specter interjected and began criticizing the substance of Bachmann’s answer.

“Now wait a minute,” Specter said to Bachmann. “I’ll stop and you can talk. I’ll treat you like a lady. So act like one.”

“I am a lady,” an unphased Bachmann replied.

“My question to you was what did you vote for,” Specter pressed, to which the Minnesota Republican promptly shot back: “I voted for prosperity.”

“She said, ‘I voted for prosperity.’ Well prosperity wasn’t a bill,” crowed Specter.

The Minnesotan’s next question, however, sent Specter reeling. “Well why don’t we make it a bill?” she asked, evidently before the senator had a chance to finish speaking.

“Now wait a minute, don’t interrupt me,” he said. “I didn’t interrupt you. Act like a lady.”

Audio of the exchange was made available Thursday by the Star Tribune.

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