Coburn, McCain Endorse Fiorina Senate Bid

Carly Fiorina, the former Hewlett-Packard CEO-turned-McCain campaign advisor and surrogate, announced on Thursday the endorsements of eight Republican Senators, including conservative stalwart Senator Tom Coburn.

“Our nation is facing serious economic challenges because we keep rehiring the same failed career politicians who have proven themselves incapable of making hard choices,” read Coburn’s statement. “Carly’s common sense and fiscal conservatism will be a welcome addition to the United States Senate. I am glad to offer her my endorsement.”

Today’s announcement by Fiorina, who only formally announced her bid for Senate on Wednesday, comes on the heels of Senator Jim Demint’s endorsement of Fiorina’s Republican primary opponent, Assemblyman Chuck DeVore.

In addition to Coburn, Senators Susan Collins, Lindsey Graham, Jon Kyl, John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Lisa Murkowski, and Olympia Snowe endorsed the former Silicon Valley executive.

“I am humbled to have earned the endorsement of each one of these distinguished Republican Senators,” Fiorina said of today’s endorsements. “They are all dedicated public servants and it is a true honor to have their support.”

While DeVore’s campaign has likened the California primary to the contentious GOP primary in Florida with liberal Republican Governor Charlie Crist and conservative Marco Rubio, conservative activists have failed to coalesce behind DeVore in ways similar to Rubio in Florida, Hoffman in New York, and Toomey in Pennsylvania.

Fiorina’s endorsers–who run the political gambit from reliably- to questionably-conservative–emphasizes the campaign’s general election strategy against liberal Democratic incumbent Senator Barbara Boxer. Fiorina must cobble together an altogether unlikely coalition, attracting the GOP’s newly-energized conservative activists while not running a campaign entirely predicated on red meat conservative values. And she’ll have to do it soon with the dogged DeVore at her every turn.

Fiorina’s allies acknowledge there is yet a long way to go in their uphill battle against Boxer, but today’s endorsements are a step-if only small in the critical eyes of California’s conservative activists–in the right direction.

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