Nanny State, 2.0: Britain to Ban Happy Hours

Per the AP, British health experts have begun lobbying Parliament to explore a possible ban on happy hours – designated times for discounted drinks in bars – to stem the growing “epidemic” of liver disease.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a government spokesman said the ban will be evaluated when an independent study on binge drinking and alcohol-related illnesses is published in the coming weeks. Health Advocacy groups have also successfully lobbied the government to spend $10 million pounds, $15 million American, on a “public awareness” campaign, and wants stricter enforcement of underage drinking laws.

Of course, low price alcohol facilitates drinking in a casual setting, but the implied suggestion that two hours of discounted prices can account for, and even encourage, binge drinking and alcohol-related deaths on a large scale is pure poppycock. While pillorying a successful business practice may be the makings of a Rob Reiner wet-dream, it’s not the answer. Britain should promote a culture of moderation and self-reliance. Then again, we are talking about the UK

At least the Irish embrace their inner-drunkard.

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