Virginia Democrat calls Republicans "Terrorists"

Originally posted on Bearing Drift

Cliff Garstang is a member of the 6th Congressional District Democratic Committee and a Member of the Democratic Party of Virginia’s State Central Committee.

He also blogs at Cobalt 6.

In a post, Garstang calls Republicans “terrorists.” And then continues the riff in the comments section by claiming the only difference between Republicans and terrorists is that terrorists have “principles.”On what basis does he make this assertion? What act of terrorism have Republicans performed?

Pathetic, but instructive as this is the kind of person that supports Rasoul, Warner, and Obama (all prominently advertised on his blog).

Hmm. Interesting company.

I don’t really care much about the inter-party mechanics of the Democratic Party of Virginia, but in this case, you have to bring it up. He is a LEADER in their party and is making these comments.

What does that say about the Democrats? Does Warner and other leading Democrats share the opinion of one of their party leaders? Will they let him stay as a member of the State Central Committee?

Should Garstang either be removed or reprimanded by the DPVA for such callous and baseless statements?

His comments did prompt Fred Anderson, Chairman of the 6th Congressional District Republican Committee, to make this statement:

Earlier this week Democratic Party Official Cliff Garstang stated on the liberal blog Cobalt6 that supporters of Congressman Bob Goodlatte are “terrorists” and then went on to ask “What is the difference between a Republican and a Terrorist? Terrorists have principles.”

I find it highly offensive that a leader in the 6th Congressional District Democratic Committee and a Member of the Democratic Party of Virginia’s State Central Committee would proclaim that Americans who believe in the principles of the Republican Party are Terrorists. These comments are completely inappropriate.

Does Mr. Garstang speak for the Democratic Party of Virginia and their candidates? Does Senator Barack Obama, Governor Mark Warner, and Sam Rasoul share his belief that Republicans are Terrorists? The Democratic Party of Virginia, Barack Obama, Mark Warner, and Sam Rasoul owe it to the people of Virginia to repudiate these comments, disavow the blog Cobalt6, demand that their webads be pulled from the site, and stop posting campaign sponsored commentary on it.

Sincerely, Fred Anderson, Chairman 6th Congressional District Republican Committee