If the nation gets a Senator Mark Warner and a Vice President Tim Kaine, hang on to your wallets

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, since 2004, Democrats have been all over the map when it comes to discussing the state’s financial picture. And two of the key players — former presidential candidate and now Democratic Senate candidate Mark Warner and current governor and potential Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine — are among the worst offenders.In 2004, then Secretary of Finance John Bennett informed then Gov. Mark Warner that state revenues were on the rise. Despite this knowledge, Warner shoved the largest tax increase in Virginia history — $1.4 Billion — down the throats of Virginia taxpayers.

Warner says that this tax jack was necessary and set the “course straight for Virginia’s future.”

So, if you’re a Virginian these days you’re thinking our budget is good, right? Plenty of money for transportation and other core services, right?

Not so fast. While Warner continues to talk a good game, his brand of fiscal management is like a kid in the candy store. While Warner was governor, the Virginia budget grew by double digits.

Now, fast-forward to the last two years under Gov. Kaine.

Kaine has been running around the state claiming the sky is falling on a purported transportation crisis, while at the same time putting his hand in the taxpayers back-pocket for increased spending on his pet-projects. Didn’t Warner fix this with the largest tax increase in Virginia history?

Now Kaine is saying that the budget is going to see shortfalls.

Why? Because the increased spending Kaine manage to hammer through the General Assembly and shoved down the throats of Virginia taxpayers was based on a rosy revenue picture painted by soon-to-be Democratic lieutenant governor candidate and current Secretary of Finance Jody Wagner, this, despite repeated warnings issued from Republicans earlier this year.

Whether it’s Mark Warner, Tim Kaine, or Jody Wagner — the pattern is obvious: they will say anything to get elected. They will fudge numbers to get their way. And they will spend the treasury into oblivion.

Folks on the national stage should recognize Mark Warner and Tim Kaine for who they really are — typical tax and spenders.