Global Warming - Ya Sure, You Betcha!

Here in Michigan, this is just winter, to be escaped by heading south.

Taking a look at tonights national radar on the intellicast site shows Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and South Carolina getting hammered with snow, ice and freezing rain.

I think I’ll ride this one out back up here where we are used to it this time of year and my furnace is working fine, thank you.

Where is Algore [probably admiring himself in a ceiling mirror somewhere while rolling in his millions] with his steaming hot breath when you want a little touch of global warming? Have you heard the joke about those freaks saying that this proves that global warming is real? We are in the midst of a global cyclic cool down (lack of solar activity as one of the reasons) and they continue to stonewall and use the sympathetic lefty media to steamroll with the propaganda.

As bad as the weather is, they are breathing a sigh of relief that horrible news from Tucson, Arizona has grabbed the top billing that this weather would be holding. While I sympathize with those injured/killed and their families, I will not let the media distract me from the lack of coverage or minimal coverage of the global cool down and the terrible weather in the northern hemisphere. Yes, Europe is experiencing this same kind of “global warming” too. Why do you think that O-Bama wants everyone to have an internet license (control, control control]. It is so easy to jump on the net to look up and verify things that the lefty media is losing control.

note: google images “algore global warming”