Blowback: Grayson attacks Rand Paul on 9/11, Rev. Wright.

The new ad:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GePLMLOj6Kg

Rand Paul the "Blowback" candidate like his father.  Should be interesting to see how Ky Republican voters take to the Rev. Wright, Al-Qaeda talking point view of 9/11 in 2010?

With Jihadist goals, not much needs to be said to debunk this ignorant view.  Starting with the Islamic Doctrine of Abrogation and how it relates to the Koran, orthodox Islam clearly beleive they are to spread Islam and Sharia Law globally via violent Jihad.  By attacking forces in their way and destroy them.  Which is exactly what Mohmmed himself did when he started the Islamic Crusades.

Yet we have numbnuts not just on the Rev. Wright left, but idiots like Ron and Rand Paul who repeat these lies with "R’s" next to their name.  Ron Paul cites in his book, Robert Pape, Leftist professor at Univ. of Chicago for his theory on "Suicide terrorism", blindly accepting JIhadist claims that there are no nation states just one Islamic Caliphate.

Lots could be said, but as for the concept of "Blowback" that has evolved a great deal from its original use.  Walter R. Mead wrote an excellent critique not long ago to show the lack of thinking involved by the Left and Paulnuts.