Ronald Reagan, Warmonger

Jonah Goldberg linked this earlier today on The Corner.  I’m posting here, for educational reasons.

Ever wonder why Ron Paul(or Lew Rockwell) is so insane on National Security and Foreign Policy issues, just were he’s actually coming from?  His idol is the Anarcho-Libertarian Murray Rothbard.  All libertarians aren’t the same and have some major disagreements(Rothbard and Hayek held some different views on things).  Rothbard is the more radical, Anarcho-Wing of which Paul is an heir of and William F. Buckley and company helped to keep out of polite society and the Conservative movement, paving the way for Buckley.  Today, Rockwell rants on his blog that NRO and the Weekly Standard are just CIA front groups, and of course Ron Paul has recently aired his views on the CIA.

Anyway, to get to the point.  Take a look at this article Murray Rothbard wrote in 1983 titled:  “Ronald Reagan, warmonger”.  Basically repeating every leftist lie, half-truth and slur used against Reagan in the 80’s, and as we all know the same type of collusion exist today.

This is why Ron Paul should be opposed, there are other reasons but this is at the top….and why his supposedly slightly less kooky son should not be given the GOP nomination in Kentucky, thus giving this view(shared by Al Franken and company in the Senate) the “R” brand next to it.  Too dangerous in the big picture.  Follow the link to read this old leftist views he was parroting(like Paul does today), too much to just excerpt one portion.)  Headline says it all…


Ronald Reagan, Warmonger

by Murray N. Rothbard