Palin endorses Rand Paul in KY Senate race????

supposedly according to paultard jr.(who we are told isn’t as insane as his father who is campaigning for him):  http://www.politicallore.com/featured/rand-paul-snags-sarah-palin-endorsement/1643

Observations: Palin is obviously trying to win all fractions and unite the party(from McCain to Rand Paul, hope she isn’t stupid enough to get behind Ron Paul).  Good luck telling the paultards and Buchanites why they have to tolerate non-pure REpublicans over their cranks and losers.  Also, Forbes endorsed and she is a big fan of Forbes, gives her cover.  GOP screwed up pushing a RINO this yr of all years in Greyson, opening the door for a different kind of RINO likely to end up pushing idiotic Conspiracy theories like his father and just as bad push dangerously Incorrect views of our nations history, founders views(they were far from ‘non-interventionist’) and confusing crank Constiutuional Literalism with correct Constitutional Originalism.

Rand Paul campaigned for his father, has on multiple occassions repeated the far-left lies and deceits of his fathers talking points to trash Republicans, Conservatives and sane people in general.  We are suppose to beleive that the son of the Paul is now all the sudden not going to turnaround once elected and Trash the GOP constantly and claim they are “Traitors” over prudent things like the Patriot Act, NSA, War on Terror(none of which it can be said the founders would’ve never done, given they did far more extreme things themselves in the defense of Liberty though they will frame it as the opposite, brainwashing the ignorant along with their allies the left in this country).

Exit Question:  WFB, Goldwater and NRO and company got together and blackballed the Paultards and Birch Society out of the Conservative/Libertarian movement(See Murray Rothbard, Paul’s idol and the John Birch Society).   Their utopian visions and views that the USA were the real “EVIL EMPIRE”, we should be isolationist free-traders, Soviets are not threat were soundly defeated for the stupidity that it was.  So, is the new battle and call of modern day Conservative minded libertarian at heart Republicans not the same as old?  Shouldn’t we follow in WFB and companies footsteps here?

p.s….the true Paultards goal is payback for that.  Thats why they pretend to be “True Republicans” instead of Bircher Paleo-Anarcho-Libertarians.  Their goal is to start at the Precint level, and work their way up with the Lew Rockwell vision of the world to replace the traditional GOP conservative vision.  They are using Alinsky type tactics, are lying and deceiving like their allies on the Chomsky Left.  Nothing good will come of this, for the GOP or the Country.