Dick Morris' Take on Florida Governor's Race

Email from Dick Morris…..

Dear Florida Friend,

It is critically important that Bill McCollum win the Florida Republican primary for Governor.

Rick Scott’s record of constant and continuing involvement with the worst kind of Medicaid fraud makes it almost impossible for him to win the governorship should he win the primary. And, if the Florida governorship goes to the Democrats, it means a decade of Democratic Congressmen from Florida when the state’s new Congressional lines are drawn in 2011.

Scott has, literally, made $300 million from his company’s golden parachute and is now using this money to pay for his campaign ads trying to induce us to trust him as our Governor. And, ongoing court records indicate that he is at it again in his new company.

I have personally examined these records and can tell you that Scott’s conduct is horrific.

Bill McCollum will be a true Republican governor, unlike Crist, and can win in November. He is a straight out fiscal conservative who won’t raise taxes and who is determined to bring the Arizona anti-immigration law to Florida.

With voting starting now, it is crucial that we all support McCollum!

Thanks for your help.

Dick Morris

Morris nails it. While he was not charged with criminal activity, Scott made his millions by bonuses his company made while defrauding taxpayers. Even if he is elected governor, this scandal will follow him around forever. At the very least, he should have returned the bonus money, but instead he kept it. Where do think the money came from to pay for all those slick television ads? Those ads are all most voters even know about this guy. Shame on us. This is the kind of stuff Democrats are known for. As Republicans, we should have a higher standard than what Scott offers.

Wake up people! Bill McCollum is our guy.