Why I Will Vote for Bill McCollum in the FL Primary

Regardless whether he was indicted or not, Scott’s record is marred my Medicare and Medicaid fraud. HE WAS THE CEO OF THE COMPANY. He can’t pass the buck on that. The Dems will have a field day with this. This is the kind of stuff we accuse the libs of doing all the time, and here we might nominate one of our own like this.

I want to vote on the man’s record and McCollum has one I can respect. Yes, McCollum has been around a long time but this time it is actually a plus. The illegal immigration and other accusations by Scott against him are groundless. McCollum first caught my eye in 1998 when he had the fortitude to be the lead spokesperson for the House in the Senate impeachment proceedings against Bill Clinton. He may win some and he may lose some, but he still has his honor and as someone going to the 8/28 Restoring Honor Rally, this is important to me. He is a competent leader and after this long time, there are no scandals following him around. Not so with Scott who has never even held office.

I could be wrong, but with Scott I just see another Charlie Crist who will say anything to fit the situation. Scott may be a good and innovative man, but doesn’t have to be our governor. If he is our nominee, then I will vote for him over Alex Sink.