McChrystal finally got Obama's attention on Afghanistan

Gen. McChrystal should have resigned for the Rolling Stone flap, and Gen. Petraeus was the only guy who could backfill that position. I don’t think anybody disagrees about that. It is interesting that Obama said just two years ago that Petreaus’ plan in Iraq was a “failed policy,” and now he turns to him as his savior in Afghanistan. Jeff Emanual has an interesting blog on this issue on Redstate.

Here is my crazy thought on all this. Obama’s Afghan timeline to exit Afghanistan has got to go to have any chance of success. McChrystal is a smart guy and he knew the war with a timeline was unwinnable. He was unable to convince Obama to change his mind on that, so he staged this Rolling Stone thing to get his attention knowing he would be replaced. McChrystal is a warrior to the core and to him the mission comes first no matter if he has to be the sacrificial lamb. With McChrystal gone, Obama would then be forced to listen to his successor. The fact that Petraeus is now that person makes it nearly impossible for Obama to say no to him when he demands the timeline be dropped. End result, the timeline is removed and we actually have a chance to win that war.

I hear McChrystal will stay in the Army. If this is true, I’ll bet we will be seeing more from him in the future.