Mainstream media's own words demolish the Russian-Trump conspiracy theory

From CNN in July 25, 2016,


And by the time suspected Russian hackers were kicked out of the DNC network in June, the hackers had been inside for about a year.

Both political parties better start considering hiring the Russians instead of pollsters, because if the conspiracy theories are true, apparently the Russians knew by June 2015 that Donald Trump would be the Republican nominee.

This article also gives a perfectly sensible reason why all the attention was paid to the DNC:  Because the current President of the United States is a Democrat:

The DNC breach occurred around the same time as breaches of U.S. government systems at the State Department and the White House. Analysts from the National Security Agency found signatures in those breaches that led them to suspect there were other intrusions outside the government, including at the DNC.

What was commonsense reasoning in July has apparently become too difficult in December.  Because in the latest Washington Post article, the evidence has been turned on its head to accuse Donald Trump:


The lack of a corresponding Republican trove has contributed to the CIA assessment, reported by The Washington Post, that Russia was seeking to elect Trump and not merely to disrupt last month’s presidential election.

If one reads the rest of the article, one discovers that this line of reasoning is in fact the only evidence the Russians were trying to elect Trump.   Completely forgotten is that relative to today, about a year-and-a-half ago, someone launched a cyber attack at both the government of the United States and the DNC, the government intrusions providing clues the DNC had also been hacked.

Hmmm, all things considered, I wonder why more outrage isn’t being paid to the obvious deduction that either lax security in the government led to more breaches at the DNC, or maybe vice versa, and that perhaps this lax security should be grounds for action against those responsible.