Can someone slash the corporate tax rate and be done with it

Can someone slash the corporate tax rate to 10% or whatever it takes to be a little lower than Ireland and be done with it?  Because apparently the larger corporations have figured out how to pay closer to 0% so that the only corporations caught are the fast growing small productive ones that might otherwise put the money to for example create jobs.

Does anyone think that purported efforts to <a href=”http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/09/16/uk-oecd-tax-idUKKBN0HB19F20140916″>close so-called loopholes</a> will actually work?  The United States can’t force other OECD countries to cut corporate tax rates to reasonable and profitable levels, but the United States might as well benefit itself.

And if the current President decides to expand the use of executive orders to rule by decree, then the next Republican President might as well use the new-found powers in a constructive manner.

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