Democrats Heckled Bush During 2005 SOTU Speech

The MSM narrative over the next few days will focus on how despicable the Republicans are for heckling Obama during his healthcare speech before Congress (although it was only one Congressman, who immediately apologized).

What they won’t tell you is that a number of Democrats heckled Bush during his 2005 State Of The Union address, in a remarkably similar context: Social Security.

Time Magazine, 2005

Finally, there was the boorish and possibly unprecedented hooting of the President by Democrats during the speech.

“No! No! No!” they shouted, inaccurately, when Bush asserted that the Social Security trust fund would, in a decade or so, start paying out more money than it takes in. If nothing is done, it surely will.

At the time, Democrats thought it was a good thing:

MARYANNE MARSH (Democratic strategist): I don’t ever remember hearing it, and was very surprised. But I have to say at least the good news is the Democrats are fighting and they’re on offense. And they’re more united than they’ve ever been against George Bush and the Republicans. [FOX News, The Big Story with John Gibson, 2/3/05]

Goose, meet gander.