The Liberal Attack On The American Family: The Nadya Suleman Edition

By now, everyone who pays any attention to the news at all is familiar with the story of Nadya Suleman, the 33 year old single unemployed mom of 6 who recently gave birth to octuplets conceived through in vitro fertilization. The outrage, particularly from the MSM and the left, has been loud and venomous. The “Octomom” has “stoked furor among many people” says MSNBC, leading to calls to regulate fertility clinics, investigate her doctor, and even death threats against the woman herself.

This reaction leaves me scratching my head. Now don’t get me wrong, the woman clearly has issues, but is this the same media that has long lectured us on the virtue of being non-judgmental and accepting of all? Is this the same liberal/elite establishment that has labored for decades to promote every deviancy, muddy the moral waters, and destroy every last vestige of tradition? Are these the same people who exhibit endless understanding and compassion for every criminal, sociopath, dictator and cop killer, and demand we do not pass judgment on them due to their “difficult background and upbringing”? That has waged a war on tradition, on religion and on anything that could possibly cramp the worship of the self above all else?

These are the people who have destroyed the very fabric of the American society, the fabric which enabled us to grow and prosper into the greatest nation to ever exist on Earth, suddenly they’re the chief critics of this hapless young woman? They have dragged society through the gutter by taking over the educational system and drumming into the young skulls full of mush that the criminal is a victim, the victim brought it on himself, the righteous are impostors, our role models are to be mindless starlets and athletes, religion is for the ignorant and gullible, and values and morality are what you say they are. They have fostered a culture which proclaims “ask not what your country can do for you, demand it”. A culture, once famous for pulling itself up by the bootstraps which now complains that it has no boots. Their handiwork is a body politic which has forgotten the meaning of personal responsibility, hard work, honor and respect and uses class envy to encourage freeloading under the guise of fairness.

We are talking about the originators of the Woodstock culture, a path of tears like no other. Astronomical divorce rates, an explosion of single parenthood and teen pregnancy and the destruction of the American family have led to boundless pain and suffering, but this does not deter the doyens of society. To them, we haven’t done enough; they require that we destroy what shred of normalcy that stubbornly persists by abolishing marriage, completing the feminization of men and societal experimentation on the backs of innocent children. So we have the people who have yet to find a lowlife low enough to hate pulling out the long knives for Nadya Suleman. If anything, she should be the poster woman for liberal angst; a single mom living on welfare, struggling to support her family. Instead she is ridiculed and persecuted. Why is that so?

The answer is obvious: her children. Large families in general are an anathema to the elites. Families blessed with an abundance of children hearken back to the days the liberals thought they had already eradicated. Such families violate the liberal code in every possible way. A large, stable family can only exist on the bedrock of selflessness and hard work. Having many kids means that the parents are willing to give up some of life’s luxuries for something greater then themselves. It means that children actually learn some of life’s lessons as they grow up, lessons such as sharing, responsibility, adversity and sacrifice instead of being pampered and spoiled while being prepared for a lifetime of self pity and psychiatry appointments.

Since they cannot attack a stable large family without revealing their true colors, they glom onto tales such as Ms. Suleman’s, using the obviously bizarre circumstances as a smokescreen for their true intentions: a further attack on the family. Now they can legitimately call for “fertility regulation” and “examining the role of the large family and the undue duress it puts on the system” without appearing as the elitist, dictatorial snobs that they are. We all remember the visceral reaction Sarah Palin invoked in these folks, and to them, Nadya Suleman is Sarah Palin on steroids. They sense a crack on the remaining wall of the American family and are determined to bust it wide open. It would behoove us to keep a sharp eye out for what’s coming.