Mr. President, Put Up Or Be Quiet

Dear Mr. President:

I read with great interest your Op-Ed in the Washington Post today. In it you state that every day without passage of your stimulus bill leads us further and further into the abyss. You further make the extraordinary claim that if this bill fails to pass, the United States may reach the point of no return. For a nation that has bounced back from the Civil War, Great Depression and Watergate, your dire prediction is very frightening.

Therefore, as an American citizen I feel it my duty to implore you, no, demand of you: Mr. President, PASS THIS BILL NOW. You are the leader of the Democratic Party, which currently enjoys a sufficient majority in Congress to pass this bill without any Republican support. It is your duty and a fulfillment of your obligation as Chief Executive of this land to order them to do so. Now is not the time for bipartisanship, for reaching across the aisle, now is the time of getting things done, of staving off the collapse of this great nation. While you fiddle and pander for Republican votes, America burns. No Republican has threatened to filibuster the bill even as it now stands, so it must pass and it must pass now. The Speaker and the Majority Leader should be told to pass this bill TONIGHT. Nothing should stand in the way of saving these United States.

Mr. President, if we are to take you at your word, this bill is needed to stave off catastrophe. So pass it, now. It is true that this bill may fail and that you may be blamed for pushing through a useless and wasteful bill, but that is what leadership is all about, making difficult choices, choices that can come back to haunt you in the future no matter how good your intentions. So be a leader and put your authority where your mouth is. If you don’t, you will be announcing to all that you are either a coward or a liar. We are counting on you Mr. President, don’t fail us.