The Face Of Terror's Victims

Democrats and liberals whine non-stop about Guantanamo Bay, torture, Abu-Ghraib, human rights, international law yada, yada, yada. They have made it a priority for the Obama administration to correct the “war crimes” of the President Bush and are pushing for legal action against those involved in the War on Terror. The next time any Democrat launches into their cliched, naive rant about “terrorist rights”, they should take a good look at this picture:

Moshe Holtzberg

This is a photo of Moshe Holtzberg, a two year old child whose parents were brutally murdered this week by terrorist scum in Mumbai. This toddler will never see his parents again, never know the comfort of a mother or the strength of a father because of these murderous vermin, these pieces of inhuman debris who call themselves Islamists. These are the type of people, the kindred spirits, of those currently populating Gitmo. These are the animals in human flesh whom the liberals lose sleep over, desperately trying to get them full legal rights accorded to decent human beings.

The liberals are right: Gitmo should be closed. Three square meals and a roof over their heads is much more then they deserve. Being strung from the nearest lamppost while their houses are demolished and possessions confiscated, now that’s a start.