Top 10 Obama Talking Points The Media Mindlessly Parroted

1) McCain is Bush

McCain, till his dying day, will never be able to figure out how the very same journalists he conspired with to block President Bush’s path at every turn, promptly turned on him and labeled him “Bush 44”. Poor guy, you’d think that after a quarter century in politics he’d know better.

2) McCain’s campaign was the nastiest in history.

A laughable joke even Axlerod can’t believe he got away with. McCain’s campaign was probably the nicest, hands-off campaign in history; who else wouldn’t mention Wright, Rezko, infanticide etc. Even they are beginning to admit it now.

3) This election is not about race.

As post-election media celebrations prove, this election was very much about race.

4) The economic disaster is Bush and the Republican’s fault.

Even if you were to blame the current crisis on deregulation instead of Fannie and Freddie, the said deregulation happened under President Clinton not Bush. But hey, don’t confuse them with facts.

5) Obama never heard Wright make any of his anti-American, anti-Semitic remarks.

This has been done to death (by our side, the media hasn’t touched it), I just want to bring up one point I haven’t seen mentioned much. Even if we accept Obama’s claim of not having directly heard these remarks, there is no way he didn’t hear about them. Nothing flies swifter down the grapevine than a pastor/clergyman who suddenly, out of the blue, begins to make crazy political commentary from the podium. If my normally apolitical rabbi suddenly begins to rant from the lectern that all Arabs should be thrown out of Israel and that Jerusalem nuke Teheran, everybody remotely connected to the synagogue would hear about it in a New York minute. Unless it’s not news at all, because his views were already well known, which makes Obama either the most clueless congregant or the most spineless.

6) Ayers was just someone from the neighborhood.

No attempt whatsoever to verify. Obama says so, so it is written.

7) Obama is amazingly even-tempered and cool under pressure.

What pressure was he ever under? He led the entire time (except for a few days in Aug, when he wasn’t cool at all, remember “get in their face”?), he had every possible advantage i.e. a fawning media, eight years of Bush etc. This man has never faced adversity in elections or governing. Let’s see how his “cool” holds up now with the economy collapsing all around him.

8) Obama will cut taxes for 95% of Americans.

There aren’t that many Americans that pay income taxes.

9) Sarah Palin did not kill the Bridge to Nowhere.

Everybody at the time, including Democrats, agreed that she did. Once she was picked, however it became necessary to deny her involvement in order to tarnish her reformer credentials. Repeat after me, two legs bad, four legs good.

10) Palin’s take on Russia is that she can see it from her house.

A vicious, baseless, mindless smear. As the transcript shows, Palin gave a detailed and informed answer on the whole Russia-Georgia situation. When Gibson mentioned the proximity of Alaska to Russia, she reinforced his point on how close it actually is with an interesting detail which not many people are familiar with.

Feel free to add your own.