This Would Be Hilarious If it Wasn't So Infuriating


Even after nearly two years in the spotlight, little is understood about the 47-year-old first-term senator’s approach to leadership. His resume: community organizer, eight years as state legislator, and less than four as U.S. senator.

As a lawmaker, he has displayed a knack for working with Republicans on a handful of favorite issues. But he has devoted most of his time in the Senate to running for president. Unlike the past seven presidents, he was never a governor or vice president. And unlike John F. Kennedy, the last senator to move directly to the presidency, Obama has not commanded troops in wartime.

Ms. Loven don’t you think the public would have been better served had you made these points BEFORE the election? Isn’t it a story, a big story that a presidential candidate is “little understood” when it comes to leadership?

Here’s the kicker:

Personally, he’s a bit of an enigma, too.

Conservatives and Republican can argue until they’re blue in the face on what direction to take now, but to me there’s one overriding concern: as long as the MSM is so pro-Democrat and anti-Republican, our work is ten times harder then it should be. The first priority of our leadership should be to figure out a media strategy. If they don’t, then all their other efforts will go to waste.