Looking to punish the Republican Party? Meet Joe Torre and Willie Randolph

There are people out there who don’t support or “believe” in Barack Obama but intend on voting for him anyway. Why? To punish the Republicans. Some of their grievances are legitimate, others are a result of MSM misinformation. Regardless of the cause their feeling is the team has failed, time to get rid of the coach. As a New Yorker, I am familiar with that feeling.

The Yankees, despite have gone to the playoffs for 12 straight years under Joe Torre, were sick and tired of being knocked out in the first round. The solution? Fire Joe Torre. Never mind if he was the cause of their failure or not, Torre had got to go. How did that work out for the Yankees? Not great. They missed the payoffs for the first time in over a decade, and didn’t even get to play meaningful games in September. Joe Torre? Don’t worry about him; HE did go to the playoffs, with the LA Dodgers, a team that was not expected to make the cut.

We also have the case of Willie Randolph, manager of the Mets. After the Mets’ historic collapse in 2007 and subsequent sluggish start to the 2008 season, calls for Randolph’s head grew to such proportions that he was basically sacked in middle of the night. His replacement, Jerry Manuel, got the Mets rolling again, but with the same result. They collapsed once again, unable to win the one game, at home, that they needed to in order to advance on to the postseason.

In both cases, the fans felt better, but the result was the same or worse. So to you, the Republicans-need-to-be-punished crowd out there, take a look at the above and you might realize one essential fact. Sending the Republicans packing might make you feel good for the short term, but you might want to examine the possible negative effects of an Obama administration on innocent bystanders – yourselves.