A Look At A Potential Obama Administration

A look at a potential Obama Administration:

Secretary of State – Jeremiah Wright (“God D*mn America” resonates well overseas)

Secretary of the Treasury – Barney Frank

Secretary of Defense – Jack Murtha (would put an immediate halt to US troops air raiding villages)

Attorney General – Tony Rezko

Secretary of the Interior – Sheryl Crowe (has the right ideas on interior policy.)

Secretary of Agriculture – Jesse Jackson (peculiar affinity for nuts)

Secretary of Commerce – Emil Jones (former Illinois House Speaker) Promised it to him in 1997.

Secretary of Labor – to be replaced with Administrator of Abortion Services (see below)

Secretary of Health and Human Services – Andrew Sullivan (either his (mental) health is suspect, or he’s lost his humanity)

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development – Franklin Raines

Secretary of Transportation – Lance Armstrong (Undersecretary of Tire Gauging to be added)

Secretary of Energy – King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia (“We agree on all important issues, mainly no US domestic drilling” – Obama)

Secretary of Education – William Ayers

Secretary of Veterans Affairs – Al Sharpton (Gotta give him a job SOMEWHERE, he’s also a veteran of many street wars)

Secretary of Homeland Security – To be renamed Secretary of Home Lenders Security – Larry Johnson

White House Chief of Staff Chris Matthews (Imagine the tingle now!)

Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency – Al Gore

Director of the Office of Management and BudgetCharlie Rangel

Director of the National Drug Control Policy – Obama himself (experience matters)

United States Trade Representative – Abolished (no trading allowed)

Press Secretary – The entire AP (Hey, it was their idea, not mine!)

Chairman, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System – Bernie Sanders (socialist)

Commissioner of the Social Security Administration – Madonna (she is in touch with elder issues and is obviously one of them)

Director of National Intelligence – Obama himself (THE “National Intelligence”)

Cabinet-level positions to be added:

Administrator of Abortion Services – Kim Gandy

Secretary of Women’s Rights – Sandra Bernhard

Feel free to add your own.