Why McCain is the man for the job


John McCain is a proven defender of our country. Once he could no longer serve his country in the military he found another way to serve. He has served the country he loves and the people in that he would give his life for. He has served us since he was 17 years old and that my friends is something that very very few people could or would do for their country. His understanding of us and our needs cannot be contested. He called the Fanny/Freddie failure years in advance and it has come to occur. The Dems are the ones that propagated this failure and The Senator has said they will pay. With OBama wanting to tax those that have worked hard to become successful and give to those who may work hard but have not decided to go for the American dream is crazy. I am one of those people who would get that money and you know what I’d rather starve than to take that kind of a handout that tells me I am not worthy of the American dream. I am an American and proud of it and that means that you get out of this country what you put into it and it does not owe you but you owe it the passion to defend it and the passion to succeed within it. Those that are successful are the ones we look to to give us guidance to the path of success. So for those of you out there who are looking for reason to vote for the honorable Sen. John S. McCain let this humble lower class individual give you the very important information about the real difference in this campaign. One candidate that wants to take from the small businesses in this country and forcing health care on them or else thus causing job loss and business failures. Also this will cause the American dream to fade to a fond memory of the days when you could dream of becoming a success and making it in this great land. The other candidate that will ease the burden on small business thus creating more ability for them to hire more and expand their business and also allowing those that want to to be able to live the American dream of owning their own business. These are the facts and they are what we need to decide in which way we want our country to go keep the dream alive or just kill it and throw it in the laundry and let it die. Thank you for reading this and I hope this has been helpful information.

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