Democrats' Rhetoric vs. Reality on Health Care

President Obama and Democrats in Congress are doing all they can to ram a socialized health care plan down the throats of Americans as quickly as possible. The thousand-plus page bill represents a “tax now, spend now, tax again” approach that will hammer small businesses and entrepreneurs while bringing about an unprecedented restriction in patients’ rights.

Predictably, the Democrats’ rhetoric doesn’t match the actual content of HR 3200. In recent speeches, President Obama used positive words like “freedom,” “choice,” and “competition” more than five times as often as negative phrases like “prohibit,” “taxes,” and “obligations.” The actual text of the legislation tells a different story, with negative phrases outweighing positive ones almost three-to-one.

A one-pager released by the National Taxpayers Union today illustrates the gap between rhetoric and reality in the Democrats’ health care spin-cycle.