Looks like Democrats Have More Integrity than Republicans

“Republicans like to back the winner.”

I heard a caller mention that on Los Angeles’ KRLA 870AM’s “The Morning Answer” show with Brian Whitman, Ben Shapiro, and Elisha Krause. And I have to say, the caller is 100% correct and it’s a damn shame.

I have no doubt in my mind that many who voted for Trump tonight did so because he was winning.

Ted Cruz has more of a chance to stop Trump at the convention than Bernie Sanders does of Hillary Clinton. Did that deter the base of the Democrat Party from voting for Bernie? Of course not, they voted on their principles, abhorrent principles, but principles non-the-less. And Bernie Sanders prevailed in Indiana tonight.

Indiana Republicans in particular are not to blame, this is a pattern I’ve seen in our party all too often before.

We need to face it, at this point, Socialist Democrats have more integrity than Conservative Republicans.