Rubio 100% Correct on Obama

Chris Christie should go eat a ho-ho.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, the conventional wisdom on Marco Rubio is that he performed poorly, that he stalled his momentum and maybe even lost support and in the rough and tumble of the New Hampshire primary, that may be true.

But on a national level and where it counts for Rubio: He got it 100% correct. Let me tell you why I went from a Cruz leaning supporter to someone who has become someone split between them again: Rubio told us exactly who he was by pointing out exactly who Obama is.

The pundits said Rubio failed when he repeated his point and he did seem a little flustered, but WHAT he was saying was exactly correct: President Obama is not incompetent or dumb. The Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, are, but President Obama is not. President Obama knows EXACTLY what he’s doing to this country. I recognized this mind set on my college campus, one of my old college room mates once told me, “America needs to get in line with the rest of the world and stop thinking it’s special.” This is what President Obama believes and he has done his best to ensure that is what is happening.

Trump and Christie showed they have absolutely no principle in attacking Rubio over this point and pretending to believe that Obama is dumb and incompetent. It’s that mindset that lost us the election in 2012. Tonight, Rubio showed me he understands our adversaries and knows what to do to combat that and win.