Immaturity Driving Anti-Rubio Conservatism

A few days ago, Rush Limbaugh explained why he thought Rubio is a Reaganite. The whole thing is worth your time. Having deleted my Disqus account for most sites because of the nastiness of Trumpers, I decided to browse anyway to get a feel for what people were saying about it. I saw one website that did a poll at the end asking if Rush is right or wrong. I was pleasantly surprised to see 40% of people thought Rush was right, but still over 55% of people thought Rush was wrong.

During the last debate, Rand Paul explained why some people even on our side find Senator Cruz distasteful. He said it was because Ted Cruz has portrayed this race as if he is the only conservative in it and everyone else is a RINO. And while I don’t think Cruz is as extreme on this as his supporters are, I do find it to be a big turn off. When I tell my friends I’m supporting Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio, but leaning towards Cruz. They give me a perplexed look, one of my friends reacted in disgust “Ted Cruz?” I asked this person, generally conservative, why he didn’t like Cruz he replied, “He seems kind of smug.”

Those of us who live and breathe this stuff do find a sort of superiority in our conservative. We see the deficiencies in liberalism and aren’t afraid to share with people that is the case. I recognized a long time ago that I would have way more traction with people if I genuinely made an effort to listen to them and wasn’t automatically dismissive of what they were saying. The vibe some people are getting from Cruz and his supporters is that if you deviate from his brand of conservatism, somehow you have betrayed the conservative cause and are a RINO. This is immaturity.

On almost every issue other than immigration, Rubio’s not just a solid conservative, he’s a proud conservative. As Rush pointed out, he isn’t ashamed of conservatism, he sees it as the only thing that can lift us out of our current predicament. He wasn’t content rotting in the United States Senate for 30 years hoping to rise up the ranks and join the leadership to direct policy, no Rubio wants more influence to spread conservatism from the Oval Office.

Gang of 8 and his current immigration policy IS an issue, especially when we have Cruz in the race. But let’s reserve “RINO” for a person who is truly deserving of it, Jeb Bush and Chris Christie specifically. Let’s have the maturity to recognize Marco Rubio is overall a strong conservative.