Let's call Trump's bluff.

Go ahead, Mr. Trump, drop out of the GOP race and run as independent, see if we care.

I don’t know about you, but I do not want a liberal spouting the kind of repulsive views Mr. Trump is representing the Republican Party in the general election. I can’t speak for the rest of us, but I will not be threatened or bullied into making someone our nominee because they’ve got a following of people who will follow them wherever they go.

First of all, Trump’s supporters are not people that typically show up to vote. Trump’s highest ranking in the polls is amongst registered voters and non-committed people ideologically. The voting habits of non-idealogical people are not quite as consistent as committed conservatives or committed liberals. Speaking of being non-ideology, abandoning the Republican Party, Trump would be free to tell the advisers to tell him what all Americans want to hear, rather than telling them what Republicans want to hear. Who’s to say Trump won’t start to be honest about his views on universal health care for example, argue for an abandonment of ObamaCare for full socialized medicine? It’s not a completely out of the question development as recently as the first Republican debate, Trump praised the Canadian and “Scottish” (I wasn’t aware it was separate from the rest of the UK’s NHS) health care system. He could also rail against the “corruption of money in politics” as he has done as recently as third GOP debate, blasting the Citizens United decisions in all but name.  The conservatives supporting Trump (who need to learn the art of self-awareness at this point) would likely abandon him if he started to adopt liberal positions. Yes, Trump would likely win a sliver of angry white blue collar men, that is if we wants to spend the money.

Speaking of money, there is no way Donald Trump is going to spend up to a billion dollars to compete with Hillary Clinton and whoever the Republican nominee ends up being. First of all, he doesn’t even have a billion dollars. He’s got about $300 million in liquid assets no where near the amount of money he needs to be successful. He’s already blasted the “evil” super PACS, so good luck tapping into his rich friends, the only people left to support him would be the 68% of 5-6% of America that supports him.  I sincerely doubt Trump is going to compete.

To the Republican Party, I say this: Let’s call Trump’s bluff. Go ahead, quit our race, run as an independent, but don’t bring your crappy ideology or self-promotion and narcissism into our party.