Petty Democrats want to remove Reagan's name from airport

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Board chairman H.R. Crawford told the panel at its Wednesday meeting that he heard some congresscritters talking about removing President Ronald Reagan’s name from DC’s airport.

MWAA spokeswoman Tara Hamilton tried to minimize the fallout that is already hitting the ground inside the Beltway:

“It was just a discussion. We’re not aware of anything specific.”

Why does the Left always preface its defense of the indefensible with “It was just…?” “It was just about sex.” “It was just talk.” “It was just a fetus.”

We all know the seething hatred liberals still harbor for Reagan, twenty years after he left the White House and five years after his death. This, despite the fact that he rebuilt our nation’s military, gave Americans reason to feel good about their country’s future again and helped to help free millions of Eastern Europeans from communist oppression, all after the misery of the Carter years.

Can they be so partisan and petty to want to rewrite history after an airport had already been renamed in our 40th president’s honor?

I know, I know. Rhetorical question.

– JP