Poor Joe Biden can't even fill a room

Back in December at a meeting with the nation’s governors, then vice President-Elect Joe Biden asked Governor  Sarah Palin for help in attracting some attention:

“I might point out, as I told you, we walked in. Since the race is over, no one pays attention to me at all,” Biden joked in his delivered remarks. “So I’m — maybe you will walk outside with me or something later and say hello to me.”

It was good, self-depreciating humor, and everyone present had a chuckle. But Biden has a real problem in Pennsylvania that the governor might be able to help him with:

Only around 100 or so people have showed up so far to hear Biden talk at noon at Seneca High School off Route 8 in Wattsburg… The room looked so sparse that about 30 or so chairs were removed by volunteers to give the illusion of a full house. The effect didn’t exactly work.

Give Sarah Palin a call Joe. Perhaps she can lend a hand. Sarah knows how to draw a crowd.

– JP