Sarah Barracuda can teach the GOP how to fight

Examiner.com’s George Copeland has some food for thought for the Republican Party. The GOP, he points out, tends to avoid controversy and allows The Left to club it unmercifully. But Sarah Palin marches to the beat of a different drummer than most of her fellow Republicans:

In the view of many of her supporters, not only did Palin excel in her handling of this controversy, she dragged Letterman down by his neck, kicked his butt, and then squashed his head like a tick. Some might wish that somebody had dared to attempt such tactics when Newt Gingrich was being hounded out of the House.

The GOP, at its lowest point since Ronald Reagan left the White House at the end of his second term as president, should pick up the cadence from its 2008 vice presidential candidate:

In today’s era of heavily slanted MSM coverage, of vicious partisan attacks on GOP leaders, and of sniggering and baseless contempt from the left-wing punditry, should the GOP stay true to its shopworn and ineffective tactics? Or, should a new course be charted, one along the lines so ably demonstrated by Sarah Palin?

Copeland concludes by asking what the Republicans have to lose. I honestly think that there are some in the party who have become so accustomed to losing that they are afraid to try to win. As strange as that may sound, it makes a lot more sense than the conspiracy theory which holds that those same people are all Democrat moles seeking to sabotage the Grand Old Party from within.

Sarah Palin is a fighter. For those in the Stupid Party who have forgotten how to fight or have simply lost the nerve to do so, the daughter of two teachers is uniquely qualified to instruct them in the art of political combat and will even help them find their own lost backbones.

– JP