Wright and von Brunn like-minded about the Jooos

Scrawled on a notepad found in the car of Holocaust Museum shooter James von Brunn Wednesday:

“Obama does what his Jew owners tell him to do.”

Spoken to reporter David Squires by President Obama’s former mentor, counselor and pastor the same day:

“Them Jews ain’t going to let him [President Obama] talk to me.”

Leftist bloggers and the government-run media would have you believe that von Brunn has more in common with “right-wingers” (libspeak for “conservatives”) than with any other group.

But these quotes are evidence of a certain like-mindedness between the shooter and the neo-Marxist pastor of the church Barack Obama used to attend before his inauguration as this country’s 44th president.

Both Wright and von Brunn are racists who hate Jewish people. Both adhere to variations of socialist doctrine. Conservatives recoil in horror at both racism and socialism. These are not our people. Those pointing their fingers at the right over the madman who killed Stephen Tyrone Johns, the good man who tried to be helpful to von Brunn by opening the museum door for him, should look closer to home.

– JP