Palin: Letterman 'pathetic'; nutroots 'buffoons'

From Politico, Governor Sarah Palin, in a guest appearance on John Ziegler’s KGIL radio show today, called David Letterman “pathetic” after the vicious See-BS Late Show host cracked what was evidently supposed to be a joke about her “slutty flight attendant look.” The governor also said that reporters and bloggers in the state-controlled media who accused her of plagiarism are “buffoons”:

High-quality audio of Ziegler’s entire Tuesday show is posted here. Click on John Ziegler, Tuesday, June 9, 2009 – 12:00 PM. The segment with Gov. Palin starts at about 3:45 in.

Update 1: Moe Lane lanced the boil that is David Letterman.

Update 2: The Great One evicerated what remained of Letterman after Moe got through kicking his sorry butt.

– JP

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