Exposing Planned Felonhood

Sometimes the best way to catch the bad guys is by running a scam. Police departments across the country, for example, have had some success by running a variation of the Publisher’s Clearing House scam. Appealing to a crook’s strong sense of greed, wanted criminals were contracted and notified that they had come into to some money, by inheritance, class action suit awards or some other windfall. The trick is to make the amount of money the criminals allegedly have coming to them sufficient enough to get their attention, but not so unbelievable to scare them off. Bad guys have been rounded up by the dozens this way, literally walking right into the hands of the authorities.

Dateline NBC‘s “To Catch a Predator” program has used a version of the scam to rope in sexual predators, or would-be sexual predators. Instead of using money as bait, the television series uses a woman who poses as an underage girl on internet chat rooms. When the hapless horndogs think they have succeeded in seducing the sweet young thing online, the “girl” mentions that her “parents” are out of town, and of course the salivating scumbag can’t resist showing up at the house, only to be greeted by TV cameras and the program’s host Chris Hansen. After a few minutes of on-camera humiliation by Hansen, the guys get over their momentary astonishment, begin fumbling for their car keys and try to beat a hasty retreat. Unfortunately for them, police officers are waiting outside, where the creeps are arrested and taken to jail.

The only moral outrage over this deceptive practice, of course, is that the would-be predators thought they could actually get away with it. Using what amounts to a white lie to bait the bastages is a much lesser sin than what the guys were hoping to get away with. Surely it’s worth a little deception to get these guys off the street. Who in his or her right mind is going to stand up and protest the use of deception to catch a predator? It cannot be done without giving the appearance of supporting the bad guys, and we don’t want them preying on our daughters, kid sisters and nieces. So “To Catch a Predator” is only mildly controversial.

But there is yet another variation of the scam. UCLA student Lila Rose poses as a 13-year-old girl, a pregnant one. At a Planned Parenthood clinic, she says she wants an abortion. When she is told that she must have her parents’ permission, she explains that it is out of the question. Her boyfriend is 31, and she’s afraid of what would happen to him. The PP aid cites state law and informs the would-be underage girl that it has to be reported to Child Protective Services. But just a minute later, she beaks the silence:

“OK,” says the aide, “I didn’t hear the age. I don’t want to know the age. It could be reported as rape. And that’s child abuse.”

“So if I just say I don’t know who the father was, but he’s one of the guys at school or something?” asks the girl.

“Right,” says the aide.

But Lila is actually 20 years of age, and what just transpired has been captured on video tape. Lila, you see, is an opponent of abortion, and this is not an isolated incident. She and a friend have run the same undercover “scam” at Planned Parenthood clinics in six other cities across the country. By law, PP is required to report any cases of suspected statutory rape. Time and again, the two young women have caught the pro-abortion, taxpayer-subsidized agency failing to do so.

What the young women have done differently from such scams in the past is to edit what they have on videotape and put it on their website in the form of 5-minute videos. These videos have gone viral, and they are causing quite a stir. Lila has been a guest on Craig Roberts’ radio show in San Francisco and Glenn Beck’s highly-rated cable television program on the Fox News Channel. The culture of death doesn’t like what Lila and her friends are doing – not one bit. Unlike the scams run by the police and Dateline NBC, Lila’s outing of law-breaking Planned Parenthood is drawing howls of protest from the Left. It’s not PP’s failure to be a law-abiding public citizen that has the Left so unhinged; it’s the fact that Lila outed the pro-abortion agency.

One of the most outraged “progressives” is Bonnie Erbe, host of PBS’ “To the Contrary” program and a blogger for U.S. News. Erbe condemned Lila’s good work as “dishonest and pointless.” She wants the college student prosecuted for “trespassing, fraud, and whatever other law she violated.” Like the hypocrite she is, Erbe is more than willing to give PP a pass for it’s obvious felonious violations of the law, but she wants a young woman perp-marched off to a judge for shining a light on institutional law-breaking on the part of Planned Parenthood.

Matthew Balan, a news analyst at the Media Research Center, points out that the alphabet networks have use hidden cameras to “expose” pro-life crisis pregnancy centers, and Congressman Henry Waxman (D-CA) has pursued the same practice.

Radical feminist Erbe just wants pro-lifers to go away. She argues that the those who defend the innocent unborn “will never succeed in banning abortion.” Never say never, Ms. Erbe. As Balan has observed, in just his first hundred days in office, Barack Obama has reinvigorated the life movement, and a new generation of young Americans like Lila and her friends are standing up for the defenseless. The president that was hoped for by the dark forces of abortion is now life’s best recruiter.

– JP