Two Shootin' Tools for Sister Sarah

NRA members, keep an eye out for your copy of May’s American Rifleman, if it hasn’t already arrived. According to the latest edition of the magazine, Bob Reynolds, gunsmith and owner of Templar Consulting LLC, will make a special presentation at the NRA Foundation Banquet on May 14.

It’s a modified AR-15 (civilian version of the milspec M16 rifle), specially customized in honor of Gov. Sarah Palin and dubbed “The Alaskan Hunter”:

Chambered for .50 Beowulf instead of the standard 5.56mm cartridge, this special AR features several custom engravings. The Big Dipper is on the magazine well, an outline of the state of Alaska is on the stock, and on the upper receiver are a moose, the NRA logo and an inscription, “In Honor of Governor Sarah Palin.”

“Gov. Palin stood up and announced she was a supporter of the Second Amendment,” says Reynolds. “I was really excited about that. I feel like the NRA has done a lot for my rights. And I feel the Governor has, too. I just wanted to do something to give back. And since the Governor lives in Alaska, I thought .50 Beowulf was appropriate.”

Reynolds actually made two of these very special AR’s. One will be presented to the governor, and the other will be auctioned at the Banquet.

That sound you hear is being made by Palin-haters’ heads (spontaneously) exploding.

– JP

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