A CNN reporter's selective outrage

My RedState.com colleague Jeff Emanuel provided a prime example of just how deep the drive-by media is immersed in the tank for Obama, as CNN’s Susan Roesgen gets in the face of an American citizen exercising his Constitutional rights of free speech and free assembly yesterday.

HotAirPundit has a fine example of Ms. Roesgen’s other side. She was all sweetness and light just three months ago when the protesters were left-wingers:

Even more damning to Ms. Roesgen’s credibility, however is this video, which shows the “reporter” accepting a left-wing protester with devil’s horns and a Hitler mustache as just a Bush “look-alike” — but going all ballistic yesterday over a sign that showed Obama dressed as Hitler. Again, she showed her in-the-face style of reporting. This time, she got all self-righteous with the sign’s bearer, challenging him with, “Do you realize how offensive that is?” You decide:

Ms. Roesgen obviously doesn’t realize how offensive her hypocrisy is.

Update: Allah has this video shot by Founding Bloggers showing Ms. Reosgen getting schooled immediately after her encounter with the citizen in the first video above.

– JP