Newsweek tackles predator control in Alaska

The article, written by Amanda Coyne, is surprisingly almost balanced, or at least as balanced as we’re likely to see from such a leftist media outlet as Newsweek.

However, there are a lot of facts that were not included in the piece…

Wolves, giving birth to litters of four or five pups, for example, reproduce at a much higher rate than do moose and caribou, giving birth to mostly one calf at a time. That’s why the predator control programs have to be a continuing process. There’s more vital information missing, but I suspect the author was limited to a specific word count.

To Ms. Coyne’s credit, she does point out that the predator control debate has been raging in Alaska “since long before Palin came onto the scene.” She also provides opposing opinions in quotes from two Alaska Department of Fish and Game officials, one appointed by Gov. Palin and another by Democrat former governor Tony Knowles.

But overall, the article is not balanced because she also quotes a biologist for Defenders of Wildlife, the left wing group which run the infamous anti-Palin ads featuring actress Ashley Judd. No opinion from an opposing group is presented. One such organization is Defenders of Wild Food, which describes itself as “a national effort dedicated to educating people regarding the importance of wildlife to the culture and diet of Alaskans.” These defenders also have an ad:

As the late, great Paul Harvey would say, “Now you know the rest of the story.”

– JP