Get Palin!

Get Palin! That’s Job One for The Left and its media allies, says Gary Larson at Intellectual Conservative. And to accomplish the mission, they have gone far beyond the pale. The governor’s children are considered fair game by the same people who would scream bloody murder if either of the president’s two young daughters were unfairly attacked.

Larson says they will go to the ends of the earth to “Get Palin!”:

Elements of an elitist, leftist, mostly Eastern-based MSM fear and loathe Governor Sarah Palin — all 5′ 7,” 125 pounds of her traditional values, anathema to them. She threatens their collectivist goals, shared by most serious liberal Dems, of more and more dependency on Big Government, dreams of controlling folks, of stopping drilling for oil somewhere (read, ANWR) of snaring still more taxes from “the wealthy” to “spread the wealth” possibly to the undeserving and/or the unworthy.

Their primary fear, I think, lies in Sarah Palin’s possible ascension someday to be the POTUS. Scariest of all to her legion of irreligious media enemies, she is actually liked by most ordinary people, carrying a 60%-plus approval rating in Alaska. It’s a percentage many a politician would die for.

Palin’s all-American outlook (and her envied good looks?), her Reaganesque exuberance, natural optimism, her humble Utah beginnings, her love for the USA and true family values, only stoke the raving fires of madness of the heavy-breathing, Amerika-blaming hard Left.

So their media efforts to put down this extraordinary woman continue today, and perhaps ad infinitum, based on an irrational fear that someday Sarah Palin might just be President of the United States. Therefore expect the attacks, the attention on her and even her family, to continue, at least through 2012. Beyond?

The Left’s media running dogs have most recently seized upon the troubles of two teenagers, playing the story of the split between Bristol Palin and her former finance Levi Johnston to the hilt and then some. An inordinate amount of attention is being given to young Levi, and the buzz from what he had to say before the cameras has dominated the gossip blogs and Leftist nutroots websites for the past week.

All of which led blogger Ron Devito to ask some very important questions:

“Why has no one asked the very basic question of how a job-less teenager drives an expensive truck and travels 4,400 miles with two adults in no better financial condition than himself to one of the most expensive cities in the world? There, he does a talk show circuit in which he engages in a crusade against a sitting Governor and her daughter with whom he was man enough to create a child but not man enough to provide for said child.”

Ask yourself what we have to do here to follow the money. As Ron points out, if we can nail down the source of the money, the motive will be apparent. We may even discover the shadowy figure who first sent down the marching orders to “Get Palin!”

– JP