Palin has 'no intention' of challenging Murkowski

The Alaska Daily News is reporting that, according to a spokesperson for Gov. Sarah Palin:

“The governor has no intention of running for the senator’s seat in 2010. She thinks the senator is doing a great job and that’s why she’s looking forward to hosting a fundraiser for her.”

Meg Stapleton also told ADN yesterday speculation that Gov, Palin might challenge Sen. Murkowski in the 2010 GOP primary is “just something that’s been drummed up by the media.”

The Alaska Dispatch had called this correctly April 1, saying that word on the street was that Gov. Sarah Palin was planning to help Sen. Murkowski with a fundraiser.

Ivan Moore, an Anchorage-based pollster and political consultant, said this should bring and end to media speculation of a contest between Murkowski and Palin:

If Palin is interested in the U.S. Senate, Moore said, a more plausible scenario would be her running for governor in 2010, serving a second term, and then challenging Alaska Democratic Sen. Mark Begich when his term is up in 2014.

That is also what I said in early December.

Politico referenced the ADN story in a short piece today. Interestingly, Stapleton’s charge that the media has tried to stir up a mud wrestling match between Palin and Murkowski doesn’t seem that far-fetched. Politico appears to be one of the usual suspects, with several items like this one. Barely two weeks after the Politico item was published, the nutroots got into the act, with Daily Kos commissioning a Research 2000 poll showing that in a hypothetical matchup between the two women for Murkowski’s job, Palin would win by 55 to 31. That was followed a scant two weeks later by another survey, the latter one paid for by Palin nemesis Dan Fagan, with almost the opposite result – Murkowski retaining her seat by 58 to 31. What is wrong with these two pictures?

If Moore is right, the children will give up this nonsense. But those who want to make mischief for Sarah Palin are a determined bunch. Why let facts get in the way when you’re trying to sow the seeds of conflict?

– JP