TX GOV: KBH Mocks Perry for Palin endorsement

Lone Star Times reports that U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison’s website has posted a copy of a Texarkana Gazette editorial mocking Gov. Rick Perry for having received Sarah Palin’s endorsement:

Palin has a certain cachet among conservatives. … But Lord, have mercy, she is an outsider with an opinion about Texas politics and government. And she sounds like the Yankee she is, if we use the definition that Yankees come from north of the Red River.

If Perry relies too heavily on Palin, he may find himself with a lot of time to watch Russians from her front porch come January 2011.

The Hutchison people erred in putting such a poorly-conceived and ill-informed hit piece on their site. Calling Palin an “outsider” and a “yankee” is just myopic provincialism at best, and the digs at Palin, who is governor of a state which, like Texas, has a strong libertarian streak is risky. Texans and Alaskans both pride themselves on their spirit of rugged individualism, and slamming Palin in a state where conservatives admire and respect her isn’t the smartest of moves for KBH’s proto-campaign for governor to take.

I’m not sure that Hutchison would want to be associated with the remark about Gov. Palin’s front porch, either. She never said that you could see Russia from her house. That was a Tina Fey joke on Saturday Night Live which the left has made into one of its memes, routinely tossed out when attacking the former GOP vice presidential candidate. For the Senator, associating herself with an outright falsehood and – even worse – with leftist anti-Palin memes only serves to drive home the point that KBH isn’t even remotely as conservative as is Gov. Perry. Dallas County, where Sen. Hutchison hails from, may have voted for Obama, but overall Texas is still a solidly red state.

Time will tell, but these tactics on the part of Hutchison’s forces only appear to help Rick Perry. Bad career move, Senator.

– JP