Sarah at CPAC: Conflicting Signals

Whether Gov. Sarah Palin will be one of the speakers next month at CPAC 2009 depends on who you believe… 

Robert Stacy McCain published a post November 7th which made it appear to be a done deal:

Just got off the phone with Lisa DePasquale, director of the Conservative Political Action Conference, who tells me that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is confirmed as a speaker at CPAC 2009, Feb. 26-28 at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, DC.

On November 17, Ryan Powers posted the following on liberal website Think Progress:

ThinkProgress spoke with Joseph Logue of the American Conservative Union who said that Palin is the first confirmed speaker for the 2009 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)

Matt Lewis blogged on November 26 that he was “hearing” that Gov. Palin was confirmed to speak at the February event.

But the Anchorage Daily News reported December 22 that a Palin appearance at the annual winter gathering of conservatives had not been agreed to by the governor:

Palin spokesman Bill McAllister said Palin has merely been invited and that she has not confirmed. “It’s not scheduled, she’s not told them yes.”

Just last Firday, January 9, Lewis again referred to the sources who told him in November that Sarah was confirmed as a CPAC 2009 speaker.

So I went to the CPAC 2009 webpage and clicked on the “Speeches” tab, and it redirected to a list of those who spoke at last year’s event. I tried all the tabs. No confirmation – just a note that this year’s speakers will be listed there sometime next month.

Then I surfed over to the 2012 Draft Sarah Committe website and was treated to a screen which asked me to “Support Sarah at CPAC” for a few seconds, then another screen came up which says:

While not confirmed, Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska is expected to be a key note speaker at 2009 CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington on Feb. 26-28, 2009.

A CPAC e-mail dated January 4 reads, in part:

“Invited and Confirmed Speakers Include: Amb. John Bolton – Gov. Sarah Palin – Ann Coulter – Gov. Bobby Jindal – Newt Gingrich – David Horowitz – David Keene – Wayne LaPierre – Rep. Ron Paul – Mitt Romney – Phyllis Schlafly – Robert Davi – Rep. Mike Pence – and many more!”

Are all of those speakers invited and confirmed? Or does the e-mail lump all of the people who were invited and have confirmed together with those who who were invited but have not yet confirmed?

Confused yet? I know I am. I would like nothing better than to have Gov. Palin keynote the conservative confab. I think she would bring down the house. But this time I’m waiting for the  governor – or someone who is authorized to speak for her – to confirm it.

– JP