Lies, d*mn lies and the drive-by media

The anti-Palin newspaper Anchorage Daily News, part of the liberal McClatchy chain of newspapers, is always eager to rush into print with any story which has the potential to be embarrassing to Governor Sarah Palin. D*mn the truth, full speed ahead! Now it has been caught being party to yet another lie, and a number of other news outlets are ADN’s partners in crime.

All that was required for ADN to jump off of this particular cliff was an unsubstantiated charge made by some of Sarah Palin’s political enemies. ADN published this story January 4:

A Mat-Su drug investigator and the union representing Alaska State Troopers are alleging political meddling in the Sherry Johnston drug case, including a delay in serving the search warrant because of the November election

Despite what even ADN admits were “vigorous denials” by Alaska’s Public Safety Commissioner and the director of the Alaska State Troopers that the case was handled in anything other than the customary manner, ADN printed the story anyway.

The Anchorage-based newspaper built its story on some pretty shaky ground – an e-mail sent by troopers drug investigator Kyle Young to members of the Public Safety Employees Association, which is the union that represents troopers. Sean Cockerham, the ADN reporter who wrote the story, wasn’t even able to get confirmation from Young, who declined to comment on the e-mail. Cockerham only checked with the executive director of the union, who gave his opinion that the investigation was handled differently because the person charged in the case is the mother of Bristol Palin’s fiance Levi Johnston. The ADN story was picked up by the media, reports NewsBuster’s Rusty Weiss:

And the media ran with it – to the tune of 417 articles on a Google news search of the terms “Kyle Young and Sarah Palin” this morning.  Coverage of this unsubstantiated allegation can be seen at MSNBCCBS News, the New York TimesNewsday, the Washington PostUSA Today, and the Dallas Morning News, mostly via the tabloid liberal news agency known as the Associated Press.  And that is just to name a few.

But the union has changed its tune. Public Safety Employees Association president Rob Cox now says that an inquiry conducted by union officials concluded that investigators did not delay a search warrant for political reasons. The charge of political meddling that was made in the e-mail was the result of “misunderstandings” between investigators assigned to the case and state public safety officials. According to Cox:

“At this point, it really is a non-issue.”

Oh, terrific. Tell that to gov. Palin, and while you’re at it, please advise her how to get that part of her reputation back that your union tainted with its bogus allegations, Mr. Cox. Rusty Weiss makes the point:

Thus far, there is no report from MSNBC, CBS News, the New York Times, Newsday, the Washington Post, USA Today, the Dallas Morning News, or the Associated Press. There are far less than 417 articles returned on a Google news search of the terms “Rob Cox and Sarah Palin” this morning. In fact, there is barely a peep from anyone in the media.

Where are the retractions, the corrections, or the apologies? As of this morning, the only source covering the updated information is the Anchorage Daily News. Perhaps the MSM will eventually get around to covering the story, but since it can be categorized as positive news for Sarah Palin, it isn’t likely to happen any time soon.

True, ADN did print this updated story, but it shouldn’t be nominated for any awards for doing so. The Alaska Daily News started this chain of events based on a false story written by a reporter who failed to get solid confirmation, like they teach in JOUR 101. His editor approved the story, and if there was any editorial board to review the editor’s decision, it was asleep at the wheel. The bogus article went to press and got published. AP, which never turns down anything which might be harmful to Sarah Palin, jumped on the story, and from there hundreds of drive-by media outlets spread the lie.

In its update, ADN pointed the finger of blame at the union and the LE agencies who handled the case. It didso without printing a retraction or an apology to the parties who were damaged by its sloppy “reporting” and anti-Palin attitude.

The damage has been done. Mission accomplished, troopers union and biased media. The shame of it all is the parties responsible for this travesty will most likely sleep well tonight. They have no shame, no intellectual honesty and no professional ethics. A pox on all their houses.

– JP