Moonbat McKinney follow up

I posted here about Cynthia McKinney and her ship dinky little boatload of fools and their aborted mission to deliver medical supplies to Gaza. It was obviously a publicity stunt to try to denigrate Israel and the U.S., with giving comfort to terrorists as a secondary goal.

As a matter of fact, the medical supplies the S.S. Minnow Dignity was purported to be delivering to the Rocketmen of Gaza were a grain of sand on the beach compared to what is being taken to the area by legitimate relief aid organizations. Reda Mansour, Israel’s Cosul General to the Southern U.S., explained to writer Chad Groening that at about the same time McKinney’s boat was playing chicken with the Israeli Navy, nearly 100 truckloads of aid to the Palestinians were rolling into Gaza. He added that Israel is cooperating with several organizations, including the UN and the Red Cross, to guarantee that deliveries of food and medical equipment are allowed into Gaza.

Mansour also said that McKinney endangered everyone aboard the Minnow Dignity by recklessly refusing to heed to the Israeli Navy’s warning, resulting in a collision with an Israeli patrol boat. He also questions the decsion by her boat’s skipper to take his damaged craft to Lebanon instead of returning to Cyprus:

“Why take a small boat from Cyprus and sail in the middle of the night and surprise the Israeli navy near the coast of Gaza?” Mansour asks. “The only explanation we could think of is that it was an act of provocation to get some titles in the media,” he contends. “It’s just unfortunate. We also have to mention when she was escorted outside the Gaza area, instead of coming back to Cyprus she detoured the ship and went to Lebanon where she was received as a hero by Hezbollah leaders.”

It’s not like Israel doesn’t have more urgent matters to deal with than the terrorists’ useful idiots. Compared to Moonbat McKinney, Gilligan was a genius.

– JP