Ship of fools turned away from Gaza

When the IAF struck back after Israel finally said “enough” to Qassam rocket and mortar fire from Hamas, the first thought America’s terrorist-loving “peace activists” had was to load up a ship full of medical supplies for the oppressed and misunderstood terrorists and set sail for the Gaza Strip. Aboard was former Georgia congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, who never misses an opportunity to pay back her major campaign donors of the jihadist persuasion. McKinney is known to be no friend of Israel, but it’s not her fault, as she was just raised that way.

As Jon Lewis of WSB radio reported, the Ship of Fools had no permission from the Israelis to dock in Gaza. The ship, named the Dignity, encountered the Israeli Navy in international waters, and what happened next depends on who you want to believe. The Dignity’s captain says he was ordered to turn around by Israeli officials, who accused him of carrying out terrorist activities. The ship returned to Cyprus for repairs.

A spokesman for the Israeli Foreign Ministry says the Dignity was trying to outmaneuver the Israeli boat when the two ships collided. CNN reporter Karl Penhaul, who was embedded with the useful idiots, claims the Israeli ship deliberately rammed them after having pursued Dignity for a half hour before ramming it. Because CNN never lies, we should believe Penhaul, that the Israeli Navy intentionally rammed the Ship of Fools.

McKinney, a 9/11 conspiracy theorist, told CNN (“CNN” in this case being one Karl Panhaul, no doubt):

“Our mission was a peaceful mission. Our mission was thwarted by the aggressiveness of the Israeli military.”

How dare those oppressive Jooos turn back a boatload of useful idiots trying to give aid and comfort to terrorists! McKinney, who was the Green Party candidate for president in the recent election, also rarely misses a chance to prove that she’s one of the Blame America First crowd:

“There is a need for the medical supplies that is on this boat; there is a need for international attention and perhaps most importantly, there is a need for the people in the United States to understand that every piece of rubble that is there on this strip of land [Gaza] is caused by US weapons.”

If those who were aboard the Dignity are correct that their ship was intentionally rammed, then Bravo Zulu, Israeli Navy!

– JP