McCain rewards Palin's loyalty with a shrug

Today on ABC’s This Week, when asked by host George Stephanopoulos whether he would support Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin if she runs for president, Sen. John McCain punted:

“Oh no. Listen I have the greatest appreciation for Gov. Palin and her family and it was a great joy to know them,” McCain said. “She invigorated our campaign and she was just down in Georgia and she invigorated their campaign.”

“But I can’t say something like that,” McCain said, “We’ve got some great other young governors… Pawlenty, Huntsman.”

Pressed by Stephanopoulos that McCain had considered Palin to be the best person to succeed him if he had been elected and something had happened to him, the former Republican presidential candidate replied:

“Well sure, but now we’re in a whole election cycle.”

As if conservatives needed a reminder of why those that voted for him had to hold their noses to mark the ballot. Indeed, many of them wouldn’t have even bothered to go to the polls November 4 if Gov. Palin had not been the GOP’s vice presidential candidate.

For her part, Sarah Palin has shown nothing but loyalty, admiration and respect for McCain. Today he rewarded her devotion to him in the usual McCain manner. The man rarely misses an opportunity to stab conservatives in the back, except when he kicks them in the stomach.

When members of his own campaign staff slurred Palin in a most reprehensible manner, McCain was slow to defend her, and even when he finally did, he failed to name names or bother to criticize the culprits. She deserved better then from McCain, and she did today also.

Aside from his military service for his country, John McCain has proven time after time that to him, such values as honor, loyalty and respect are a one-way street.

– JP